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Triathlon and single sport endurance coaching in Phoenix because you don't have time to mess around!  My philosophy is: "Where Art and Science Meet"  A good coach needs to understand the "science" behind what it is that we do and the "art" is how to apply it to the human element.  As for me, I came to the Triathlon after participating in a multitude of other sports over the years. For example, at age 14 I ran the Barcelona Marathon in Barcelona, Spain, in 4:30.  My dad ran along with me but his time was much slower! This experience was my introduction to the sport of track and field, and over the years I have made a gradual transition to the Triathlon.  In high school, during my father’s assignment on the Mexican border, I began riding my bike to and from school to avoid long lines at the border crossing. I played basketball and became a member of the track team the final two years of high school.  As a track athlete I competed in the mile and 5K races. My PR's for the mile and 5K are 4:55 and 14:50, respectively. For the next 10 years I played hockey, did cross-country skate skiing and snowshoeing. In 1989 I moved to Durango, Colorado. There I took up mountain bike riding. I drew my inspiration from individuals like John Tomac, Ned Overend, Greg Herbold, Juli Furtado and others. Within a year I was racing at the expert level in the NORBA off-road series. To assist other mountain bike enthusiasts, a friend and I published a map of several biking routes. The map includes routes ranging from beginners to expert. While in Durango, I enjoyed rock climbing and also did some white water kayaking.  

In 1993 my wife and I moved to Tempe, Arizona, where she was enrolled at ASU. We remained in Tempe after she graduated, and for the next several years I dedicated myself to the family and to earning a living as the owner of a custom picture framing shop.  By 2004, after marriage and two children, I found myself missing the active lifestyle and 20 pounds overweight.  It was at this stage that we had an epiphany. Get back into sport, lose weight and reestablish an active lifestyle.  We joined a gym together and the long hard road to reclaiming our former selves began. That important step kicked off my current multisport life style. 

I have long been interested in helping new and experienced triathletes, and when approached provided advice based on my personal experience. However, lacking the proper credentials, I was reluctant to come across as professionally certified. I decided to pursue my certification as a USAT Triathlon coach. At the end of 2009 I received my certification, realizing my goal.

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